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Dear Friend, As an 80’s baby I grew up in the era of the Karate Kid movies. One of my favorite scenes was when Daniel first started training with Mr. Miyagi. During the first session Daniel was instructed to go wax the car...”Wax on (swipe hand) wax off (swipe other hand)!” This mundane task took place day after day. Daniel was eager to learn karate so he kept coming back for more. He trusted him with everything in him. Daniel saw Mr. Miyagi as an expert. So he trusted his plan. Until one day he became frustrated and lashed out in anger. Mr. Miyagi immediately shifted and began to engage him in a hand to hand exercise. The range of motion Daniel used to wax the car was identical to the exercise to help him fight. Now just imagine if Daniel had half heartedly waxed the would’ve messed him up for what was coming next! Jeremiah 29:11 states that God knows the plans he has for us! But what if we disregarded His plans and tried to do our thing? We wouldn’t be prepared! Just like Daniel our expert teacher is showing us techniques and strategies for victory as we go along in life. So what may look like an insignificant moment is actually apart of the training for what’s to come! Today ask God to open the eyes of your heart and show you how to complete the tasks you have before you. He will show you. And remember everything we do is part of a bigger picture. Be encouraged, it’s already worked out! Thankful that Daddy knows the plans, Jess

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