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The fight for your life...

Dear Friend,

I was bullied in the 4th-6th grade. In the 4th Grade I had moved here from California, so I was different. I talked different, i looked different and the environment I came in was different. I had a difficult time adjusting, and was constantly picked on by kids. I was also very timid at the time and didn't want to fight. I had a cousin who was six (6) months older than me that would fight for me every day. I would run home. At that time there were no anti-bullying policies in school, i didn't really know how to explain to my mom what was happening each day, so I would just leave school and walk home alone ahead of the crowd. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't.

By the time I had gotten to the fifth (5th) grade one of my aunts, my Aunt Donna, noticed that i was having a problem. Now my aunt did not play. My mom had gone out of town and she had come to our house and kept us. I went outside to roller skate with my new radio in tow (picture me i'm a 70's kid). I skated down the block and interacted with some kids. I remember this girl that didn't like me was outside. She started to harass me and the other girls joined in. After awhile she was trying to fight, I was scared so I began to skate home quickly. Apparently my aunt had been watching me the entire time. I remembering getting to my yard and she was on the porch with a stick in her hand. As I got to the porch, she said take off your skates and put the stick in my hand. She looked me in the face, and said if you don't fight now, you will always be running. For some reason, i knew she was right. I stood and made a decision, i turned around and made a decision to fight. By the time I turned around and they saw the stick in my hand, they ran.

We have to make a decision to fight each and every stronghold, each thought that exalts itself against kingdom thinking but YOU have to decide to wage war, and think like that no more. The enemy wants your mind so that he can control your destiny. You have to make a decision to fight against your life. 2 Corinthians 2:5, "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;" That's a decision to fight, casting down is the action that you have to take to fight the mental destruction of the enemy. How do you fight through repentance, the Word and High praise. That's your war!

Re-Arranging My Life for Christ,


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Little Rock, AR, USA