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You are not on pause!!!

Dear Friend,

I remember those moments in my life, where I felt like God wasn't saying anything. My life seemed to be on pause and it was always when it was most critical. It was almost as if I was in the middle of a movie, and I had taken the remote and pressed paused. What do you do if you feel like God isn't talking? Is it true that God doesn't talk, that he has periods in which He is quiet with you? I watched a video the other day of a lady who had an encounter, with God. She confirmed for me what, I know to be true. God always talks, sometimes we aren't listening or we forgot what He said.

In Exodus, the 14th chapter Moses and the Israelite are on their way out of Egypt and of course the Israelite are scared. Moses has already told them to not be afraid, that they needed to "stand still" and see the salvation of the Lord, The 15th verse is where God reminds them He has already talked to them, He has already given them the instructions very clearly and He didn't change His mind. So where it may have seemed like they were on "pause" or in an impossible situation, they were set up for what's next. To be delivered. They just had to remember what God said. The promises of God are yes and amen (see 2 Cor 1:20) and in difficult situations, we have to remember that God is a God, that doesn't lie (see Numbers 23:19), if HE said it, HE will do it. Just go back to the last place in which you heard him (a spiritual rewind) so that you can remember clearly what He said. You are not on pause, you just may need to do a spiritual rewind. If God said it, He meant it!

Rewinding the Tape,


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