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Deserve what?

Dear Friend,

"Thanks, Mom! You made today a great day for me! I love you!" There is nothing like words of gratitude coming from your child! I immediately and habitually responded, "Baby, you deserve it!"But no quicker after releasing this "teacherish positive feedback" the Holy Spirit gently spoke...NO SHE DOESN'T. TELL HER SHE IS WORTHY. I did as he instructed and told her that she was worthy to be treated this way just because she is my daughter!

Everything that God gives us is not given to us based on whether or not we deserve it. But rather from the place that "you are worth it!" When we become born-again we are now legally joint heirs with Christ Jesus and seated in heavenly places (see Romans 8:17; Ephesians 2:6) There is nothing that God the Father would keep from Jesus. So why would he be neglectful and not give to you!

God is such a loving God who is faithful and just. Because of the completed work of Christ we can boldly declare that we are the righteousness of God through him (see 2 Corinthians 5:51) No, we don't deserve to be blessed. No, we don't deserve his unfailing love. No, we don't deserve the second and the two millionth chance! And we can't work for it either. But we are worthy because we are His and He is ours!

Today, release yourself from the negative thoughts and/or words that you or others have spoken over your life! Say this out loud:

Father, I thank you for your unfailing love! I am righteous, worthy, and Blood bought because of the completed work of Jesus Christ! So today I repent for not receiving the full benefits of being your son/daughter.I am worthy to walk in the fullness of every promise that is found in the Word of God. I am a Kingdom citizen and I expect nothing less than the Kingdom of God manifesting in my life today! I am thankful for your love for me and I ask you to overwhelm me with it today! in Jesus' name, amen!

Worthy because He said so,


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