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Summer Storm...

Dear Friend, It’s summer time! And there’s nothing like the refreshing and break in the monotony of heat like a good summer rain! My six year old twins boys love to play in the rain! One of them asked me if it rained on everyone in Heaven. I informed them that it doesn’t storm in up there because Heaven is above all the storm and rain. As I listened to the words that came out of my mouth I was reminded of the time that Jesus calmed the storm (see Matthew 8:23-27). It was true! It doesn’t rain and storm in Heaven like it does here on Earth. He was not moved by the raging wind, and rain because he understood his Kingdom position. He understood that anything that was not Kingdom could shift or move him in any way. Jesus wasn’t bothered not one bit! He encouraged the disciples to remember how he operated...which was according to Faith and nothing less! Today do the same as Jesus did! Live from the perspective of Heaven to Earth instead of from Earth to Heaven! Be steadfast in the Word of God! There is no reason to be moved by the temporal things of this world when you operate from your heavenly position. Our life is hidden in Him and we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus! Reining with Him above it all, Jess

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