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Storms of Life

Dear friend, As I embarked on my daily walk I gazed into the sky and noticed the storm clouds in the distance. They were bunched in one corner of the sky, while the opposite corner was the ideal evening sky right before sunset. With baby in tow, I was determined to complete my daily walk! I pushed myself trying to avoid the rain. The wind blew gently and cool. The sky nearly stood still. I just knew it was about to pour down a deluge of rain as soon I made it far from my home. But before I let my mind go there I paused. And I heard a still small voice ensuring me I had no need to worry about the rain. Instead of finishing my walk like the Flash, I walked at my regular pace. On my lap back toward the house, He told me to look back up at the clouds. And sure enough, just like He said, the storm wasn’t blowing toward was blowing away from me! It wasn’t going to rain on me and my little one! I completed my walk and my little one was fast asleep. I didn’t miss a beat! How many times in life do we prepare for what looks like the worst storm ever? We frantically go through the lengthy lists of what ifs! Only to find out the storm was in our view but had no way of touching us! In Psalm 91, we are reminded: 7A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. 8You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. When you dwell in love. When you dwell in the secret place we will see many situations break out around us! But KNOW that if you make the Most High your dwelling place storms will get close enough to you to make you think destruction is imminent! But be of good courage God’s got everything under control. Thankful, JessBlessed

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