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Your Grace assistant...

Dear Friend, Siri, the virtual Apple assistant, has revolutionized the way we use technology. This voice activated feature listens and waits patiently to execute any task given. And she is easy to use. You simply say, “Hey Siri!” And your phone lights up and she assists you in a making a task easier to accomplish. Well the grace of God isn’t much different! It’s better than any voice activated virtual assistant!!! In Zechariah 4:7 God instructed to prophet shout Grace, grace to the insurmountable mountain! Did you know that command will work for you today too?!?! It’s never been beneficial to echo the details of the “mountains” in your life and expect them to move. Instead do something about. Call on your Kingdom assistant...GRACE!!! The next time you face a mountain circumstances cry out Grace, grace and what your help show up. Activate your kingdom assistant today!!! The Kingdom of God is voice activated and ready to help you win and fulfill your purpose! Let the Glory of God be seen in your life today! Calling on Grace, Jess

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