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Dear Friend,

It is the last quarter of the year and while I am focused on my goals, but I am focused on my rest. However I have realized that, I need help. I went on vacation for two (2) weeks which is very rare for me, but it’s as if I knew it was necessary. As if I could hear the Lord say, “LaKisha, take your rest!” It is the one area in which I have really struggle to obey Him, I have to be honest. I thought I had to have my hands on and involved in so many things, until He showed me in His word, how important rest is. Rest, says I don’t have to have control over everything, as a matter of fact, rest calls for HELP.

Today, in my personal study time God let me to read Exodus 18:13-27. Jethro, Moses’s Father-in-law has come to visit him because he has heard how God has blessed him and the Israelites. Moses tells Jethro of all the amazing things God has done. Jethro stays and observes Moses and sees how hard Moses is working. He gives Moses some of the best advice ever, he tells Moses, to get help. He says to him, “Son there is no way you will last if you keep working at this capacity, if you keep on trying to do all of this on your own. God didn’t build you this way, you need a team, people to help you solve problems, people that help so that you can get rest!

Asking people for help, or allowing people to be involved in your “business” can be very difficult. However, God NEVER meant for us to do anything alone, He created us to be interrelated, interconnected and interdependent on each other. The enemy knows that if you won’t get help, or that you don’t take your rest, you will run out eventually. If you are going to get rest, you will have to also have help. There are people that should be connected to your fight. In Exodus 17:12-14, Aaron and Hur helped Moses win the fight. If you are going to rest, you are going to have to call for HELP!

In My Rest,


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