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It's in the wait...

Dear Friend,

I used to be so impatient. I mean not a little impatient but a lot impatient. My lack of patience also made me presumptuous. I mean I would get into things, that I had no business getting into, just because I didn’t want to wait. When I was impatient I also hated surprises, which means when my birthday and Christmas came around I was a hot mess. I couldn’t wait until my mom, left the house so I could snoop to see what she got me. I would ramble throughout the house looking for things.

One year, I decided that I was going to open a gift with my name on it and re-tape it, the problem with it, was that my mom was really neat at gift wrapping and I wasn’t. That didn’t keep me from opening the gift. I planned the moment perfectly, my mom was headed to do more shopping, and I knew she would be gone a long time. So I set out to open a small gift, because I thought she wouldn’t notice. Boy, was I wrong. She noticed, not only did she notice, she was disappointed. She was disappointed because she knew the gift was something I really wanted. She wanted to see the look on my face when she blessed me, she wanted the satisfaction of being able to give me something I really wanted.

This made me think about our relationship with God, I wonder how He feels, when we can’t wait on Him? He has guaranteed promises for us for healing, provision and so much more. I wonder how many times He has been disappointed when I have struck out on my own, and He really longed to take care of me. I know He probably said multiple times, “That Girl LaKisha, I just need her to slow down! I need her to trust Me!”

As I have gotten older I have realized how important it is for me to wait, as a matter of fact, it’s necessary. I have realized that when I don’t wait, I exhaust my resources and become overwhelmed. I also jeopardize important relationships. I have also recognized that there are benefits to waiting. Isaiah 40:31, “they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount upon wings like eagles, they shall run and NOT get weary, they shall walk and NOT faint…..I’m pretty patient now, I look forward to God to surprise me with His very best!

Waiting Patiently,


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