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We Better Together!

Dear Friend,

Growing up I had neighborhood friends and people who would come stay the night sometimes at my house. I had friendships I developed in junior high and high school. However, those relationships never bloomed into lifetime relationships. By the time I was married with children, to me having friendships didn’t really matter. Somewhere along this journey I began to long for something more. As my relationship with the Father grew, my desire for friendship also grew. I wanted a sisterhood. I wanted to have girlfriends to laugh with, cry with, make memories with, and above all glean from. The stigma that women couldn’t really be friends with other women had started to be unraveled as lies to me.

I began to really grasp what Truth be told, I didn’t want anyone around who would challenge me to be more, that would stretch me to dream bigger, to live out loud, and to try new things. You see I had grown comfortable, being uncomfortable. Wanting more, desiring more, yet stuck in a rut. Then, God in His amazing love sent me a tribe of amazing women. Who challenges me for the better, who stretches me to set achievable goals, who gets me out my comfort zone, who says go live out loud sister. Let your hair down, enjoy life. It’s okay to be you, it’s okay to have those feminine desires, it’s okay to think about you first, and it’s okay to pamper yourself.

You see I had put on the label of wife, and mother, and somewhere lost in those label was the woman Chanda. I am so very thankful for the women that God has placed in my life from ministry to socializing. Their love is making the difference in my life, and above all when adversity comes. They are right there saying, “Sis, we are here with you.” They are walking about what Thessalonians 5:11 says, “therefore encourage one another and build one another up…”

I challenge each of us to learn to truly love our friends at all times, and to be there through the seasons of their lives. To be slow to anger, slow to offend or receive offense, and to forgive as often as necessary. I promise that it is so rewarding. We were never made to be alone, isolation is a trick of the devil. If you don’t have a tribe, asked God to send you those people that He knows you need for a season, a reason, or a lifetime, and be open to receive them.

We better together,


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