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Sit By the Teacher

Dear Beloved, In the classroom there are moments that seating arrangements are changed in order to limit distractions. Recently a student was moved in my class. His desk was now closer to mine. The seating arrangement was only during a particular assignment. When I instructed him to move back to his seat he told me no! Before jumping to conclusions, I asked him why. His response blew me away. “Mrs. Thompson, I like sitting by you. You build my confidence to get A’s. I know if I sit by you I can get my work done. So can I just stay here? I know I’m not in trouble, but I want to stay.” I answered, “Yes, and at anytime you want to move back just let me know!” This was a powerful reminder for me. I reflected on how many times I felt like I was distracted in life and God moved out from the crowd. And just like my student God pulled me close, built my confidence and I aced my tests! Perspective is everything. If we look at the alone moments with God as a negative, or as if He doesn’t want us to have fun or be with the group...then we are truly missing it! Maturity says by any means necessary I will do whatever it takes to be close to you...even if it means looking like I’m all by myself. God told Abraham in Genesis 12 to leave his family and go to the place that He would show him. And he obeyed. God had him do something that made him look a certain way to everyone else. But it didn’t matter. He knew that as long as God was with him he was couldn’t lose! Where are you? Stay close...and let him lead to you the place where you can focus and avoid the distractions. Sitting with The Teacher, Jess

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