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Dear Friend,

Waiting used to be so difficult for me, like really difficult. I used to think everything had to manifest quickly. So I have a secret, I have never been able to fry chicken. It just doesn’t come out right. My assumption had always been if it’s deep fried it should cook quickly. I was so wrong.

One time I wanted to surprise my husband and cook him fried chicken. I had never done it before, I just knew it couldn’t be much different than when I fried fish or shrimp (not realizing both cook rather differently).

I battered the chicken and got the fryer ready. I turned the fryer up extremely high, because I figured that the higher the heat, the quicker I could get the chicken cooked and over with (did I mention I hate to smell things frying). I was dropping pieces of chicken real quickly. I thought I was doing such a good job, and as soon as I saw the outside was a great golden brown, I was pulling the chicken out. I made several pieces and was so proud of myself.

When my husband got home he was really surprised that I had friend chicken (he knew how I felt about it and that I couldn't HA!). We sat down to eat and he bit into a piece of chicken and looked. He slowly spit the chicken out his mouth. He said, “Baby are you trying to kill me?, I said, “No, why? He said, the chicken isn’t done?" Can you say failure? I thought the higher the heat, the better and that wasn't the truth.

Proverbs 21:5, “Steady plodding brings; prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty.”

This is the same lesson I’ve learned in life, everything doesn’t have to have “fire” under it, you don’t have to move so swiftly LaKisha. Somethings aren’t about them happening quickly, it’s about them happening on time, which has a lot to do with consistency. Slow and steady wins, the race.

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