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Now Charging!!!

Dear Friend, We all use our electronic devices on a daily basis. But there is nothing like the moment when you go to make a call and your phone is on 1%!!! The other day I thought I was prepared and winning. I placed my phone on the charger knowing it would be fully charged and ready to go when I needed it. But when I picked it up and unlocked it the screen went black. It was dead! But how?!?! Why! I checked the cords nothing looked detached, everything was in I thought. When I pulled the charger from the outlet the cord fell effortlessly from the adapter. It wasn’t completely connected! There was no way that the phone could charge! This was simply a reminder to stay properly connected to my life source. The Word instructs is in Jude 1:20 to build ourselves up by praying in the Holy Spirit! When we do this we get charged up and then we’re able to walk out and fulfill our purpose! Just like our devices, they have all the potential in the world...but they’re nothing if they aren’t charged! Today stay plugged in properly to the Holy Spirit and remain energized in order to accomplish everything the Father has declared about you! Plugged In, Jess

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