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Go Vote!

Today, I am headed to vote! This is my first time early voting and I am so excited! Why you ask because I need to be honest. I didn't know the importance of my vote! I have studied forms of government and I really didn't feel like the United States acted as a true democracy, but as an autocratic government (autocratic governments in which supreme power is concentrated in the hands of one person, whose decisions are subject to neither external legal restraints nor regularized mechanisms of popular control). I still struggle with this belief, however I have come into clarity with wisdom and understanding, that I CAN'T COMPLAIN about ANYTHING, if I don't exercise my voice in my vote!

Regardless of whether or not I get it, I need to get it. As I sit here, I think about many of my friends who think they aren't heard, I am sadden the reason that I am sadden is because I know I felt the same way, my vote didn't matter. It does matter and it always has! It is important for us to take part in the democratic process, to focus on making sure we create opportunities for our future, through our voices. It's not okay for us to sit back in the process and not participate, it's as wrong as the bystander effect (when you are less likely to offer help to a victim).

The greater the number of people to stand by and do nothing, the more likely that nothing will ever get done! So today as I go vote, I hope that my "two cents" empowers you to get the facts and make a decision to vote, I know it may seem like your voting doesn't mean anything, but based on the facts and the current issues presented before us, it DOES!!!!!

So if you thought about sitting around this season, DON'T! Why vote? Because it gives you a voice, one that can impact not only you but everything you are connected to!

Just Being,


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