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Let Love Lead the Way....

Dear Friend, Sometimes this single mom thing sucks, that’s my truth and I’m sticking to it. However I know I’ve been given the grace to deal with everything going on in my life right now. God knew exactly where I would be in this particular season in my life, and the Grace I would need to handle it. Monday evening was one of those nights in which I needed two of me. I had received an emergency call from a sickle cell patient who needed resources, Josiah had a basketball game at 5:30 pm and a Christmas Band Concert at 7:00 pm. Judah had homework, needed dinner and all the love and attention that an eight (8) year old little boy needs. Not to mention, all the transitions in between. As I was arriving to the band concert and parking, I was sitting in my car a little overwhelmed. I wasn’t complaining but was praying and asking God for more grace for being a single mom. I asked him, “Increase, my capacity for being a single mom, please.” As I finished praying I turned to look out my window and a lady was coming up, she was using an assistive device to walk. I stared for a second, and it was as if perspective hit me in the face, she was allowing love to lead the way. Her love for her child or grand child, didn’t keep her from being on time, there with a smile, in cold weather, dressed in her best. She let love lead the way. Each step she took could have been painful, but regardless, she let love lead the way. I watched her walk by and in the building and almost felt like I wanted to take back my prayer, I felt like I got a little slap in the face, that said, “You really don’t have a lot to complain about, it could be so much worse.” This entire scenario reminded me I had been equipped for everything coming my way, and what I lacked, the Holy Spirit would fill in the gaps, all I needed to do was allow love (1 Cor 13:4-8) to lead the way. As I was writing this I was reminded of this simple verse.....Surely, goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life (Psalms 23:6) ! Why? Because love (Christ) already lead the way. Blessed in what looks like mess, LMJ

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