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From the Cradle to the Cross by D. Andrews

Good Morning Ladies (and few gents),

Today’s devotion included below “From the Cradle to the Cross” is a reminder from GiG Gwen that, “The story of Christmas is the ultimate story of life, of hope, of freedom. The beautiful and mysterious intersection of humanity’s depravity and Divinity’s provision. A complex invasion of darkness by light. By love. By a love that breathes life and brings beauty.” May the familiarity of the story not breed contempt in our hearts today.

It’s Monday and time to share the 15th Catechism truth.

“20 For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law simply shows us how sinful we are.Romans 3:20 0 NLT

Question 15: Since no one can keep the law, what is its purpose? (Romans 3:20)

Answer: “That we may know the holy nature and will of God, and the sinful nature and disobedience of our hearts; and thus our need of a Savior. The law also teaches and exhorts us to live a life worthy of our Savior.”

English evangelical clergyman, Charles Simeon (24 September 1759 – 13 November 1836) once preached that, “… we must lift up our voices like trumpets, and tell the people their transgressions…Preach the Law to those who believe, as finished, cancelled, dead for their salvation: point them to Immanuel as holding it in His bleeding hand, and saying to them, ‘If ye love me, keep my Commandments.’”

GiG, the law of God helps us to know God, know ourselves, know our need, and know the life of peace and blessedness. Knowing God specifically reveals his character, his attributes, his holy will, and what he’s like.

See, we are taught in Romans 1 that everyone knows right from wrong. Even though rationalization and justification can cause us to question this truth. Morality isn’t arbitrary and God doesn’t tell us to do arbitrary things. We must clearly understand that all morality is rooted in God’s character and studying the law allows us to see his character. And this is a two-sided coin.

God’s law also reveals to us ourselves, especially our sinful nature, our disobedience, and our inclination to sin (Matt. 19:21). In this verse, God is essentially saying, “What’s it going to be—your money, possessions or me, God?” Unfortunately, the rich young ruler chooses something over God.

The third thing the law helps us with is to understand our need. When we come to know who God is, know that we don’t measure up to his morality and character, stop pretending we know who we are, the revelation we have sinful inclinations in our hearts, it presses us to Jesus—the need of a Savior. And guess what? The Savior has fulfilled the law. He’s obeyed it perfectly! GiG, the law presses us to the Savior, points us to the Savior, and takes us to the Savior.

May we be encouraged in knowing that once we’re redeemed, once we’ve trusted in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, the law not only is something that points us to Christ, but it also shows us how to live the life of peace and blessedness. Yes, we will fall short, but may we always give Him thanks and praise for our law and rejoice that we have a Savior.

God’s Got It…so seek HIM—Salvation was our introduction, not our conclusion.

Have a “Merry” Monday, December 24, 2018—God is the giver of all good gifts. His law reveals to us what is just. Though it condemns us, through it we know how great is his holiness and how perfect is his Son. May we live in a manner that is like the Lord Jesus Christ. And be delighted in obeying God.

Called to serve and encouraging others to thrive,


"My situation should not change my praise, but my praise can certainly change my situation!"—Semper Gratus (always grateful)

From the Cradle to the Cross - Gwen Smith

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