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Key Fobs, Cold Mornings and Following Directions

Dear Friend,

I am not a fan of the cold! As a matter of fact when it’s cold, I run to my car and literally back to my house (I am sure my neighbors think I am nuts). I want to give “no place’ to the cold! This is why I am beyond grateful for the remote start on my car. It allows me the ability to start my car and warm up for 15 minutes, it even heats my seats as well as steering wheels. I call my car blessed and thank it often.

The other morning as I was headed to the radio station, and went to remote start my car. I pushed the button once, pushed the button twice and held on the third time. My car wouldn’t remote start. I performed it several more time and nothing happened. I had this happen often, as a matter of fact ever since I have had the car I've had the problem sometimes it would remote start and sometimes it didn't. I flipped my key over and for some reason noticed that it said press twice. Could it be the reason that I have been struggling with my remote start for years is because I only needed to push the button twice and then hold on the second push? I decided to try it, it worked with ease. All this time that I thought the “remote” start didn’t work, or was giving me difficulty due to the fact, that I wasn’t following instructions.

As I reflected on this I thought about Matthew 7: 13-14, “ Enter the narrow gate (the instruction). For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” How many times have we missed "it" because we failed to read the instructions? I could have solved this problem years ago, had I read the manual but I was too prideful and wanted to do things on my own. I've discovered it isn't worth it, as a matter of fact I've found the benefits to following instructions, and it's much better than continuously doing things my own way.

Key Fob Gifted,


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