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Plugged In!

Dear Friends,

A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Ephesian 6:10 NLT

I have been confessing this scripture over my life, there have been many moments that have brought me to a weak place. I was not fully resting in the truth of this scripture, instead I was trying to use this scripture as encouragement to myself or to convince myself that being weak was beneath me. However, our God is so faithful that he led me to a teaching from Keith Moore, about this very scripture. He reminded me that God’s word always creates something. We just don’t hear His word, but His word get in us. When His word tells me to, “Be Strong”, it’s just not a pep talk. It is an actual infusion.

“Infuse” is defined as, “to cause to permeate with something that alters usually for the better.”

God’s words and commands are an empowerment for our spirit, soul, and body. They permeate the weak places in us, and alter them with God’s strength. At the point that we act upon His word, it becomes our power and a solid foundation for us to build upon. We must understand that strength comes from Him alone. The moment we say, “be strong in the Lord” He is ministering His strength to us right then, and our part is to just take it in. (Take a deep breath) We need only to plug into His power, and allow it to flow from Him to us. Just like our light company provides the power, it will do no good to us if we don’t plug what we need into the power source.

So, as I, infuse myself today, may you also be infused to be Strong in Him, and the Power of His Might. His word is alive and active.

Plugged In,

Chanda Rose

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