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As Seen On TV...

Dear Friend, Don’t you just love those infomercials that promise to do the impossible only to find out when you get it home it doesn’t work? During the segment they have testimonials, beat the device with hammers, freeze it, or anything else they could think of! All of these are tactics to validate that it is worth its value, and that you MUST have it now! The enemy and world system paints a similar picture. The world projects an image that it’s winning when in all reality it’s wasted away and is dead. As believers it’s up to us to be solid in what the Word of God says! We have to be so firm in the Word and our relationship with God that we don’t fall for the cheesy gimmicks. So today don’t get distracted by what you think the world has to offer. Focus on the truth that Kingdom is the ‘light’ way to go. And get after Him like never before. No more time needs to be wasted entertaining anything less than what God has ALREADY established in His Word about you! And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Mark 8:36 I believe His Word is true, Jess

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