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Broken Glass by C. Rose

Dear Friends,

About a two weeks ago our bathroom window was broken. Now, cleaning comes second nature to me, that is what I do. So, believe me when I say I have worked intensely to clean up the broken pieces. We picked up the larger pieces, then we swept up the smaller fragments, I have used wet paper towels, I have mopped. However, for the last two weeks I have still finding pieces unavailable to my eye, but noticeable to my feet…lol!

As I, was collecting a small fragment of glass from my foot, which I also cut my finger. I had a aha moment…trying to pick up broken pieces, will only cause you hurt!! How often do we try to pick up the broken pieces, while only causing more pain? Even if I had collected all the larger pieces, and most of the smaller pieces, I still couldn't put the window back to its original state. It is difficult for "us" to put broken pieces back together again. This reminds me of a part of the story about Humpty Dumpty after his great fall. “All the kings horse’s and All the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Then, I heard the Holy Spirit speak so clearly to me, “Chanda, there is a King that knows how to put all the broken pieces back together, that includes your family too.”

Colossians 1:20-22 (message bible) say, “Not only that , but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe-people and things, animals and atoms-get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of His death, His blood that poured down from the Cross. You yourselves area case study of what he does. At one time you all had your backs turned to God, thinking rebellious thoughts of Him, giving Him trouble every chance you got. But now, by giving himself completely at the Cross, actually dying for you. Christ bought you over to God’s side and put your lives together, WHOLE and HOLY in his presence.

Paul said it best in Verse 23, and I concur….”YOU DON’T WALK AWAY FROM A GIFT LIKE THAT! You stay grounded and steady in that bond of trust, constantly tuned in to the Message, carefully not to be distracted or diverted. There is no other Message-just this one. Every creature under heaven get the same Message.”

Today, why wait to surrender to a ”God of Wholeness?” We can make a choice to no longer be focused on our individual brokenness, or distracted by the brokenness in others. Nope, the choice is made to now fixed our eyes on the who knows where ALL our broken pieces are. The one who is ready to make us whole. I can now hear him saying “I am ready, when you are.”

Trading My Broken Places for His Wholeness,

Chanda Rose

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