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Fully Charged Up...

Dear Friend,

Recently I traveled to California. We made a decision to fly out of Dallas, instead of Little Rock, my home. On the road to Dallas which is about 4 hours away I was listening to several podcasts. As we pulled into the airport, I got all my stuff, got through the gate and was waiting I noticed that my battery was extremely low. I must have not plugged it in. I was not charged up.

As I began to think about this I thought about days in which I thought I charged up. Rushing out the house, running late and plugging in by getting a little bit of word. Saying a really quick prayer and not prepared for where I needed to go. I know without a doubt I need it to light my way! Psalm 119:105 King James Version (KJV)105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Now the good thing is, the airport had places for me to plug in, and usually I keep my bible with me. But I had to reflect on the moments on which I had not properly "charged up", I would not be properly prepared for my trip, as I would not be properly prepared for my day. I know without a doubt, how important it is for me to meditate on his laws day and night (Joshua 1:8).

Fully Plugged In,


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