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Cite Your Source...

Dear Friend, Coming up in school there was always the infamous assignment of the research paper. I personally enjoyed writing but gathering information, using specific formats, and citations seemed to drain the joy out of it. There were times where I could write a twenty page paper but if it was not full of credible sources my paper was nothing! It’s no different for you. Someone is gathering the information from your life and then citing you as their credible source. Are you worth citing? When Jesus walked this Earth He was the credible source! He was worth citing! He lived out the message of love and light. You could read and breath the scriptures and love of God in EVERYTHING He did! And we should be doing the same...and even more! "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works...John 14:12. Let the Word of God be our final and credible source from here on out. As believers you and I are the living Word! Be sensitive from here on out to be sure that the message we live out to the world is worth being repeated, and duplicated. Is what you’re doing worth being cited as credible? Could someone benefit and give Glory to God if they repeat your actions or words you’ve spoken? Get in the Word. And ask the Holy Spirit to help you with everything that you do! You don’t have to try and fake it or make something up. It’s not done in your own strength. Remember you’re not alone, and He’s provided everything you need to fulfill your life of purpose! Living the Word out loud, Jess

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