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Vision Impaired by C Rose.

Dear Friends, I recently went in for my annual eye exam. Last year the doctor told me that I needed fo wear my glasses daily. After 19 years of looking at a computer screen, my vision significantly changed. After the exam he asked me had I been properly wearing my glasses? He noticed that my vision was impaired more in one eye. Truth be told, I had not. He suggested, in order to strengthen my vision I needed to wear my glasses or contacts daily. Many days I would forget my glasses or forget to put my contacts in moving fast or distracted. Solomon wrote, “where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18) Vision is the primary factor in moving forward. Moving fast and distractions is a tactic of the enemy, with the hope us being distracted. Vision is the catalyst that keeps us moving forward. If we can't see clearly, we are at risk. Without proper vision, I am at risk for an accident. The Word gives us vision for our lives, we perish when we don' t use it or it doesn't take precedent. I have to be honest, I see better with my glasses on, versus when I don't have them. I see better with Spiritual vision, versus my own ideas for my life. Prayer: Holy Spirit give us a spiritual vision check up, and if our vision is not 20/20, give a prescription to correct it. We thank you for the vision that you have giving us, and Angels now excel in strength to bring the vision to pass in our lives.

Vision Corrected,

C. Rose

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