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Repeat After Me...

Dear Friend, How many of you could tell someone your address, phone number, and recite the abc’s without looking at a sheet of paper before you could read? I remember how most children were taught this information early on because of the value of this information. And how did one learn it...through repetition. When I taught Kindergarten we would have circle time every morning and we would repeat the same key components (colors, months, days of the week, and the alphabet, etc.) This form of memorization through sole repetition is called rote recall. It works by getting the information in but sometimes there’s a disconnect if the student doesn’t know how to use the information given. At times there would be a student who could repeat and identify every letter of the alphabet. But when I mixed the letters up, and asked them sound out a word they didn’t know what to do. Or when I asked them to put letters together to create their own words it became challenging. They had simply became an echo of circle time and I had to train them how to make the connections. We can be the same way when it comes to eating the Word of God. I thought about the parable of the sower. Some seed that fell on stony ground.

Matthew 13:5-6 | NLT 5 Other seeds fell on shallow soil with underlying rock. The seeds sprouted quickly because the soil was shallow. 6 But the plants soon wilted under the hot sun, and since they didn't have deep roots, they died. Taking in the word of God and memorizing scripture is one component. But what do we do with the Word after you take it in? Do we just go around with my head swollen with information just to say “I know?” The truth always comes out when we have to apply what we say we know. If the Word has taken root then it will be evident in the fruit! We should be transforming the World around us by using the Word of God that has been planted and deeply rooted in our hearts! Resolve today that you just won’t echo of what you heard someone say about the word. We can’t afford to get stuck in just repeating and memorizing the Word. Take it personal; become intricately intertwined with the Word and allow it to take root. So when the test comes (and it will) we will be able to stand! Resolved to be grounded in the Word,


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