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....but not always beneficial

Dear Friend,

1 Cor 10:23, "I have the right to do anything," you say--but not everything is beneficial. "I have the right to do anything"--but not everything is constructive."

I told you yesterday I love this scripture. I love how Paul is addressing Corinth! Essentially he was saying, "Just because it isn't in the scripture, doesn't mean you should do it, as well!"

We can twist the scripture to fit our lifestyles, justify that something is old testament, do away with we know to be true so that it is comfortable. Round it up with the excuse, "God knows my heart!" It may NOT be in the scripture, but it doesn't mean it is good for YOU! Sometimes we spend so much time, trying to justify things we miss the opportunity to have the Holy Spirit minister to us, as a matter of fact, we hear WARNING and still proceed by saying, "Well it isn't stated anywhere that I couldn't do it!" Just because it isn't prevented doesn't mean it's not good for you.

Let's look at a dating scenario. Sex outside marriage is a sin, there's no justifying it (sorry, but not sorry). If you are on your journey to live Holy and pleasing to God, your dating life, may have to look a little different. Some of you may say, well the bible doesn't say I can't date, or how to date. You are so true, however there are some things that may need to guide your dating so that you don't "fall into temptation." Your dating might need to be supervised, in public places, in a group, with limited alone time. Especially if you struggle with keeping boundaries. Is it written in the Word, that you have to date like this? No, not at all. However, putting yourself in certain situations may not be good for you.

Take another situation. There is nothing in the bible that forbids you from taking out loans. However, the scripture does commission us to take heed, on borrowing (see Proverbs 22:7) . You may make a decision to take out loans, that you really can't afford to pay back. It may not be forbidden, but is it really good for you? The question needs to be, "Is this really good for me?" Paul was quick to caution them to make decisions, because it isn't written or ruled illegal, doesn't mean we should do it.

Learning to Say No,


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