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Line It Up by Jessica Thompson

Dear Friend, Teaching someone some of the easiest tasks like tying shoes and buttoning can be a struggle to explain to a little one. When buttoning my shirt Mom would tell me to start at the top and work my down. I would take my I thought. Only to look down and see a puckered shirt with 3 buttons left undone. This would happen over and over. Then I would go back and Mom would say, “Line them up.” And sure enough it worked. I’d line each of the buttons with each of the holes and saw exactly where each one was supposed to go. How much more of our life would work out if we lined up our lives with the Word of God? What if we snapped into place and positioned ourselves accordingly? We would truly see our lives work and we’d accomplish our purpose. Some of us are walking around thinking that we have it together but in reality we look like my puckered shirt...missing buttons with gaping holes! This leaves us in a place of exposure and public indecency. If we take the time to privately allow God to deal with us He’ll show us exactly what we need to do. Our Father is a a good dad and He won’t let you leave the house looking just any old kind of way. Take a look at yourself in the mirror of His Word. He knows that you represent Him and his household/Kingdom. People will know you are His by the fruit you bear and that includes your love!

John 13:35 Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples." Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s easy or that you’ll get perfect every time. But just remember to go to the Father for wisdom and he’ll show you exactly what you need to do. Today come into agreement with the Word of God and watch your life smooth out and work for you too! Lining up each area of my life with the Word. Jess

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