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Let Favor Go Before You...

Dear Friend,

Let Favor Go Before you!!! Often we try to do so much on our own, and God is saying let "favor" go before you. When Joshua was about to go take land, God gave him specific instructions and told him to allow the "ark of covenant" go before Him (See Joshua 3). He was saying let my Spirit, go before you let my Spirit lead the way. A lot of time we struggle with things that we don't even need to struggle with, we need to allow God's favor lead the way! His favor, His Spirit, produced a greater victory than Joshua.

Guess what He is willing to do the same for you! His favor can and will go before you, just get out the way! He has a wisdom for every situation in it, you will find His favor. Favor is what comes in when our natural ability runs out, let me say that again, favor is what come in when our natural ability to runs out. What does that mean? We all need God's favor!!!

Say! Lord I thank you for your Favor going before me, in every situation. Favor has the ability to open doors, change appointments, put you in front of who you need to be in front of and reverse adverse situations. God's favor supersedes anything that's coming against you and when you get that in your mind, then you won't be consumed by things that "look" like they aren't working. You will be consumed by God's favor!

I declare that Favor go before you today! That you see the manifestation of God in every area in your life, in Jesus Name. Amen

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