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My Daddy Said!!!

Dear Friend, Back and forth bickering from time to time between siblings is pretty much common place. I remember on many occasions when my younger brother and I would have heated debates over some of the smallest things. I used to think that I was always right (because I was the oldest) and that he could never tell me anything. But he always had a way to shut me down with two words, “Daddy said...” These two words hit me like kryptonite in the presence of Superman. I would feel every defense and wall crumbling right before my very eyes. Why? Because I knew that since my Dad had given the directive there was no other option. Sure enough I’d follow through and go to him to confirm that what my brother said was true. For my brother there was a satisfaction in shutting me down with a directive from Dad. We both knew that if Dad said it and he meant it! We need to remind ourselves, and any other negative voice exactly what our Daddy has said! Just like my brother shut me down, we get to shut down anything that is contrary to what the His Word says about us. We have a good Father, a Heavenly Father, that cannot lie! In Hebrews 6:18, it says that it’s “impossible for Him to lie.” From here on out, be bold and declare what your Daddy has said about you or the situation! Then open your eyes and watch how the things around you respond and line up with His Word! Resting In What Daddy Said... Jess

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