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Enjoying the Now

Dear Friend, Good morning sunshine! I absolutely love to see my class come in each morning and I love to see them off right at the end of the day. Our daily goal is to greet one another with smiling faces, kind words, and sometimes a warm embrace. I had a brief conversation with one of my kiddos as they headed out the door. It went a little something like this: Kid:Mrs. T. you’re so lucky! Me:Why do you say that? Kid:At the end of the day you get to sit in your classroom all by yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. Me: For own kids will be here soon after you leave. Enjoy the rest of your day! Kid:You too and enjoy your NOW! This was definitely a reminder for me! The Word clearly repeats over and over about the power of the now and being focused on the present moment.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen- Hebrews 11:1

How disrespectful have I been to the moments of that have passed right before me?!? I’ve gotta do better!!! My student was right! I heard ‘The Voice’ behind his salutation. Enjoy your now, Jessica! You are so focused and consumed about the next that you keep missing out on now! I encourage you as I encourage myself! From this moment forward I declare that I will no longer be anxious, worried, and consumed by the next. I will slow down and be peace in every situation. I will enjoy the NOW! Everything is working for my good NOW! And when I get to my next I will not fear because I know and stand firm in the truth that my God is with me! His perfect love casts out all fear! Now is the time, Jess

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