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Do the Right Thing!

Dear Friend, Each day that I go to work I tend to take the highway. The other morning, I took my exit as usual and proceeded to turn toward my destination. But at the stop sign before the turn there was a state trooper. He was patiently parked, and anticipating to catch an off guard driver. In my head I said, “Well, he ain’t gonna catch me today!” I approached the stop sign as if I was a newly graduated high school student driver who just received their license. I stopped (no rolling stop) at the stop sign, looked both ways and proceeded with caution. This was in hopes that even if the state trooper thought about writing a ticket...he wasn’t going to get me! Now, the same scenario played out again the next day. But the only difference was there was not a state trooper waiting at the stop sign. This time though right before I stopped at the stop sign I could here the Holy Spirit say, “Operate in the SAME manner you did when the trooper was parked at the sign yesterday!” So, I did just that! Guess who was position perfectly to what me follow through with the transition at the stop sign...the trooper! He was parked across the road this time! And still there nothing he could’ve found to write me a ticket! I heard, “You should be driving like this at all times...” My lesson for the day was just a simple nudge and reminder to operate in excellence and integrity at all times! Not out of fear because something might happen, but rather because it’s right! God is with us every single moment of the day and night! The greatest authority in the all the universe is with me wherever I go. As a believer, I cannot run from it. I was reminded about the story of Joseph in Genesis. He operated in Potiphar’s house with a spirit of excellence. God blessed his work and everything in his life and those he served prospered. (See Genesis 39:2) He had to consistently (not perfectly) operate in the wisdom of God and integrity in order for this prosperity to flow in his life. And even though it didn’t look like anyone was watching him...God was watching all along! He had dealt with his character and knew at the point of promotion he could trust Joseph to do the right thing! Today friend, let’s be sensitive to the Holy Spirit like never before! Let’s take our time to hear His voice clearly. God give us the grace to do the right thing according to the Truth! Let everything we put our hands to prosper because of the One who is with and the spirit of excellence on our lives! God is with us at all times! Jess

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