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When the Enemy Gets In...

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I shared with you a story about my Judah, and how he over came the enemy. I am sure it encouraged you, but what happens when it doesn't happen that easy? What happens when we don't put the laws of love first and cuss someone out? I want to tell you another situation that occurred the other day. Judah and a friend were playing, the friend took it too far and kicked Judah, but not real hard. I watched Judah, look around to see if anyone was looking and then when he saw that no one was, he kicked his friend really hard. I just sat there for minute waiting to see what would happen next. Judah went on as if nothing happened, no remorse at all, however the little boy got upset and told. Judah believed He was justified in his actions.

I asked Judah, would God be pleased with your actions? Is this how you should treat someone else, even if they caused offense? The Word says to forgive your enemy (see Luke 6:27), correct? That particular day, Judah let the enemy get in. So what do we do, if we do let the enemy get in? What happens if he gets the best of our day.

1) Repent quickly- The sooner the better, if you linger in it you lose your intimate moments with God. You give the enemy the chance to be all over you and take over this situation. Satan is looking for your weakness, your sin so he can exploit it and use it against you. (see Matthew 3:8)

2) Renounce it- When I say renounce it, I mean come out of agreement with the thought and this says that I do NOT intend to repeat this behavior. (see 2 Corinthians 4:2)

3) Ask the Lord to Cleanse You- Plead the Blood of Jesus over your spirit, body and soul and ask the Lord to cleanse you and clean you up (see Psalms 51:10).

Friend, You can pray something as simple as this: Father forgive me for __________(fill in the blank), I ask for you to forgive me in Jesus Name. I renounce this ________ (fill in the blank), forgive me for choosing this. I reject this way of living and thinking in Jesus Name. Now father cleanse me of all righteousness and give me your holiness in Jesus Name. Amen

With A Repentant Heart,


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