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A Little Disappointed by LMJ

Dear Friend,

I have to admit sometimes being a single mom puts me in some difficult spaces. These spaces often leave me feeling inadequate at meeting their needs. I do not allow them to overwhelm me, but they do make me uncomfortable. This morning Judah asked me about attending a birthday party this evening. Here was our conversation:

Judah: So am I going to be able to attend tonight?

Me: No, son I have an event tonight and I don't have anyone to take you.

Judah: (huge) look of disappointment, NO ONE can take me?

Me: Son, nope no one. I saw his face and said, " know it's disappointing and hard sometimes but this is the space we are in right now, but we can't let disappointment ruin our day. How we handle these disappointing moments, determine what God does next, and we don't want to get stuck because of moaning and complaining."

Judah: Gives me a big kiss and hug, I love you mom and have a good day.

ME: I mope all the way home.

I can hear the Holy Spirit say, "Let it go, so that it doesn't ruin your day, when He gets home show him some love and explain to him, "It's only our season for right now, but soon it will change, and that God loves us and He has us, just love on him a little and I will provide the comfort (see John 14:26) !"

I take a deep sigh, shed a few tears and concur. The path we are on is different right now, sometimes even difficult but I know it's only a season, and season does (see Ecclesiastes 3:1) change. I am reminded constantly don't get weary in well doing, for in due time you will reap LaKisha, if you faint not (see Galatians 6:9).

Friend, I will say the same to you, you will have some disappointments, but don't stop doing good, watch your mouth with complaining and know without a doubt that God the Father, hears and sees you. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you, He will and don't forget to take deep breaths.

Taking Deep Breaths,


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