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Keep Up the Good Fight!

Dear Friend,

Today’s devotional is one of encouragement. An encouragement to keep up the good fight and to sharpen ourselves as women. It’s an encouragement to go beyond intentionality and to take the next step. Intention doesn’t solve our problems. If you intend to work out but don’t actually go to the gym, will you lose weight?

Let us not sugar-coat or downplay our role as shepherds in our children’s lives. We are fighting a war and as women, we are some of his strongest weapons. What kind of warrior are you gearing up to be? What is your structured battle plan? Are you following it? Do you need accountability? Are you wasting so much time comparing and trying to look like someone else with a different “body” type that you forget to follow the specific plan that was especially designed with you in mind? Do you confess over our generation of children? Do you confess over their peers and teachers? Do you confess over their father?

I wrote some goals down; practical, and tangible goals that I plan to work on over these summer months. My next step is to share these personal goals with my mentors and then finally to my covenant sisters. I understand the magnitude of the power God has placed within us. I intend to tap into that power and fight valiantly for the ones I love.

Happy Mother’s day Queens.

Abundantly With Love,

The Anonymous Wife

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