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Above and Beyond

Dear Friends,

I have learned that the Lords level of faithfulness exceeds (see Ephesians 3:20) our expectation. I have seen the value of patiently waiting on Him. This past Sunday I shared a picture someone captured of me with my son Josiah. He was crying and upset because he didn’t have the money to buy me a mother’s day gift. He had placed so much pressure on himself, it had consumed him. With his permission I shared the story on my Facebook page because I knew that it could help other single mothers. I assured Josiah that he and his brother’s were my gifts and the fact that his heart was that tender towards me, meant everything. I knew I had captured his heart.

As we were processing our week that Sunday (something we do weekly) and setting our prayer targets for the week, I reminded Josiah to not give up in prayer. Just because it didn’t look like God had answered. That God could very well give him money by Tuesday and he could still buy me a gift because that was a desire of his heart. Well guess what happened? Tuesday a box arrived from my dad with shoes from my brother Marquise. Inside the box was a $100 visa gift card and then another friend sowed $25 because his story moved her heart! He was now able to buy me a gift.

This is how Daddy God works, He is very sensitive to our heart! I am telling do NOT give up on your prayers, stay the course, just because they look like they aren’t being answered doesn’t mean that God is not working. He heard your prayer the very first time you prayed (see Daniel 10: 11-13).

Be Encouraged,


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