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A Low Carb Diet!

Dear Friend, “Good carbs, bad carbs, no carbs, oh my! “ Carbohydrates in our diets serve as sources of quick energy when burned within a certain amount of time. But in the event they are not burned this sugar stored turns into fat and is stored in our thighs, hips, stomach, get the picture. All this extra stored energy that is not burned piles up on us and slows us down. Many trends in nutrition have shamed carbs and lean us more toward the high amounts of lean proteins and minimal carbs. I’ve struggled with taking in the proper amount of carbs in my own diet. As a college athlete carbs where my best friend because my active lifestyle burned them up on a daily basis. But as my lifestyle shifted to being a wife, and motherhood quickly followed it changed all too quickly. I found myself still consuming the same types and amounts carbs but not burning up the that meant stored fat! As soon as I changed my lifestyle to the low carb diet, the weight dropped. But on the flip side as soon as I went back to the old way of doing things the weight came back. There’s had to be a balance! I had to be diligent in staying active. The supernatural diet of Word of God mirrors a similar picture. Proverbs 31:27 reminds us not to eat the bread of idleness! That sounds like a low carb diet to me! Idleness has the same effects of packing on the extra carbs and not doing anything with them! Ask yourself where have I found myself idle? Where have I became comfortable in doing the pleasurable things in excess that it’s become a distraction to what I need to be doing? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you in this. The bread of idleness taste delicious going down but once digested the results are detrimental! Today for me, I’ll have the good carb, the one true and living carb... Jesus the Bread of Life!And He is diligent and self disciplined! Make the right choice and abandon the bread of idleness! It’s a low carb lifestyle for me, Jess

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