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Bold as a Lion!

Dear Friend, Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day! This was the song my son Isaac singing the other day as Spring storms trudged through the state. We were sitting outside on the porch watching the rain. It was fine until the thunder clapped and the lightning danced across the sky. Isaac immediately jumped up frantically in fear. As I held him he calmed down. I began to share with him the story where Jesus spoke to the storm. (See Mark 4:36-41) In this moment, this 6 year old was reminded of his authority. He opened his mouth and yelled out, “Shut up storm, peace be still in the name of Jesus!” He stood there in confidence and stared down the storm through eyes of faith and was at ease. He knew that if Jesus could it, me too! He spoke peace to the storm that was bothering him. Where is your faith? What have been saying? Where have you just stood idly by and let the storms roll up and talk crazy to you? Let the King of Glory stand up in you now! Speak to it, in confidence know that everything has to respond to the Word of God and the name of Jesus! I prayer today for your boldness! That you stand up and walk in who you are according to the authority of Jesus Christ! Move mountains, speak to the storms and be victorious in EVERY situation, in the name of Jesus, Amen!!! Bold as The Lion, Jess

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