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I Did it All By Myself!

Dear Friend, Look, look, I did it all by myself! This is a phrase we parents hear all too often during the early years of childhood. There’s always this sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when doing it by yourself. And in most cases even if they had a little help, they’d still take all the credit. Unfortunately, as we grow up sometimes we still operate in places of immaturity. Pride says,”I did it all by myself!” But humility says,”I’m weak or I really didn’t know the answer but the Holy Spirit helped me! I cannot do this _____ without Him!” We should be operating in the place of I don’t know it all, but I know the One who does...let me ask Him for help! The moment we give Him the Glory for what He is and does is in our lives, then we’ll experience everything that He has for us! Call things according to the truth of the Word. In 1 Corinthians 3:6 Paul reminds us that people have a small part to play, but God is the one who causes the growth! God causes the Favor. God causes the increase. God heals the deep hurts. God causes the promotion. The list could go on and on. We have a part to play but we cannot rest and rely on “I.” Why? Well let me help you...I fail. I don’t know everything. I am still learning. I am human. It’s not because I look the part. Or maybe because I articulate well when I speak. And it’s not even because of the people I know. It’s because of God!!! Be reminded and quick to give God the Glory in every situation! Take the “Look what I did” statement out of your vocabulary! And instead replace it with, “Look what the Lord has done!” Don’t look at me...Look at Him! Jess

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