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It's Ok to Be Whole

Dear Friends,

A couple of months I embarked on a journey to explore wholeness. Our bible study, started reading a book by Toure’ Robert titled “Wholeness.” One key thing that stood out to me (I have it wrote on a sticky note on my bathroom mirror as a reminder) is, “Everyday something will try to stop you on your path to wholeness, but you have to make a decision to stay the course.” About two years ago, my sister in law sowed a book into my life called, “Woman Thou Art Healed and Whole: A 90 day Devotional, by Bishop T.D. Jakes. It was for this season of my life, and I am thankful for her obedience.

I would like to share this particular devotional from his book with you today.

“It is impossible to inhale new air until you exhale the old. May God give us the grace of releasing where we have been, so we can receive what God has for us now.

Exhale, then inhale, there is more for you!

Many natural problems have their roots in spiritual ailments. To identify the spiritual stronghold, start by praying,

Father God show me areas in my life that have been directly caused by or are under the influence of a spirit of infirmity.

God wants to heal us from past hurts that are responsible for present bondage. In order to do so, we must be willing to do some exploration with the Holy Spirit and take an honest look at areas that may be afflicted by a spirit of infirmity. (Bishop T.D. Jakes) “

Luke 13:12 KJV says, “And when Jesus saw her, he called her to him, and said unto her, Woman, thou are loosed from thine infirmity.”

I encourage to keep seeking wholeness, as that is the Father’s desire for you.

Staying the Course,

Chanda Rose

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