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Everything is Going to Be Alright...

Dear Friend, Most recipes when cooking a meal require you to heat something up. Usually bringing it to a boil, and letting it simmer. The only way something is brought to a boil is by increasing the heat. And we all know that if we’re not attentive to the covered pot, there may be a moment when the pressure inside of the pot becomes too much. Then what happens...Mt. Dinner explodes on the cook top! Heat causes increased movement and pressure builds. This can also be applied to our life moments. In the intense moments (the times that seem hard to handle) we usually feel as if there is a pressure building. The heat from the situation can cause movement and can catapult you into your next level! Ask God for the Grace for the situation. We have to know that God knows what’s happening. Ask Him to help you see what it is you need from this experience! All things work together for our good! (Romans 8:28) Remember Romans 8:18, it tells us that whatever you’re going through now is nothing compared to Glory coming later! Let God be magnified and get the Glory out of every situation! Be encouraged and stay the course. Keep the right attitude, walk in Love, keep the Faith, and stay focused on Him. It’s going to get better! No worries...everything is alright! Jess

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