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Forgiveness is Trust...

Dear Friend,

I can hear the Lord saying,

Lord: Do You Trust Me?

Me: Yes Lord!

Him: Then I need you to forgive them

Me: Them? All of them

Him: Yes, All of them

Me: But do you remember what "they" did, playing each offense in my head.

Him: Yes, Do you trust me?

Me: Yes, then I need you to forgive them.

Him: Forgiveness, says you Trust Me (see Romans 12: 17-21), it says you will not try to manage your hurts and disappointments on your own.

Me: (sigh) Abba Father, I trust you, so I will forgive them

Him: Shaloam

Learning to forgive others because I trust God,


How to Forgive by Sunshyne Gray!

1. Pray (Matthew 5:44) 2. Love and do good to the offender (Romans 12:9) 3. Don't Speak Poorly of hte Offender (Romans 12:14) 4. Release them from your punishment (Romans 12:17-19) 5. Don't Celebrate their failures (Proverbs 24:17) 6. Treat them the way you want to be treated (Luke 6:31) 7. Stop Dwelling on the Past (Isaiah 43:18)

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