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Entering the Rest: The Promise

Dear Friend,

I hope you get to the promise....

Matthew 11: 29-30 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

There is a promise, in the rest. We have been spending the last few days focused on entering “the rest of God. We learned the first day, that we are carry things that we were, not meant to carry. Somewhere we have thought we were designed to carry all these problems, stresses, worry and fears. Anxiety sits at the root of every decision, and that is not how God wants us to live. We were created to live a life in which Christ is the lead, that our yoke to Him will lighten our burden, because He is the Master of our plans.

Christ in this passage of scripture emphasizes that His “yoke” is light. We can liken that to when two animals are yoked together in farming. When you yoke the stronger animal, with the less developed animal, the stronger animal “carries” the majority of the burden. It doesn’t mean that less developed animal, doesn’t carry a burden, it just means the burden is lighter than the animal in lead. From this the less developed animal learns how to plow, till and work the land. In the learning process, there is provision, protection and wisdom. Jesus Christ is offering the same for us. He is simply saying, " Here; take “this promise” of rest in your life. If you allow me to carry “this load”, I will make some of this easier for you, you don’t have to be stressed out or worried or anxious, now I get to carry the heavy load and you get to enter into my “rest”."

Wow, what a promise, we just have to agree and not resist “the yoke”

There is a promise in “entering the rest” of God, one that allows us the freedom to receive all the benefits to living in the Kingdom of God, one that simply says, “Lord I trust you to be all that you need to be to me today.”

Prayer: Father I thank you for that your yoke is easy and your burden has been made light. Please show me the areas in my life in which you are not in lead. I don’t want to “rest well” in you. I want to receive your promises in every area in my life. Holy Spirit, please guide me. In Jesus Name. Amen

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