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Dear Friends,

Kevin Levar has a song called, “Hiding Place”. It’s a simple song, yet it gives you assurance that you are safely hidden in God’s presence.

You are my hiding place

You are my hiding place

In your presence I am safe

I can run to you when I just don’t know what to do

And I’m scared feeling so confused

That’s when you hide me

When you’re right beside me but I can’t tell

Cause what I’m going through has got me overwhelmed

King JC will take care of me

I’m not afraid of the powers that be

In heavenly places in the earth or the sea

The weapons may form but they can’t touch me

This song puts me in remembrance of a Psalm King David wrote.

Psalms 32:7 NLT “For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory. Selah

Selah means “to pause” or “to reflect”

So, I encourage you to do just that in this moment. PAUSE from your twirling thoughts! Pause from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Pause from being a parent, spouse, employee, and friend! This is the time to pause from the busy non-stop life we live and reflect on the above scripture and hear what it is speaking to your soul at this very moment. If you can write down how he has been a hiding place in your life. I know your smiling and feeling warm on the inside. Now take time to thank Him for all the times He has safely hidden you, and your love one.

He Hides Me,

Chanda Rose

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