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Light Bright...

Dear Friend, Before leaving the house everyday I have a pretty straight forward routine. I walk the house ensuring that everything is in order and that all the lights are turned off. But on this particular morning, a bright light beaming out of my boys room caught my attention. I just knew they had left the light on. Only to realize that after flipping the switch the light wasn’t on! The sun was shining so intensely that it illuminated room as if the light was turned on! That’s the kind of light we should exude from our lives daily! Matthew 5:16 instructs us to let our light shine before others so everyone around would see it then give glory to the Father! We are the light of the world! And light always draws people to it! The light emanating from the room was so bright that it drew me close. It made me reevaluate my steps. It made me stop and think. In this moment, I realized that this wasn’t natural light! It was something I couldn’t control. It was something that couldn’t be turned off! His glorious light does the same. How much more should your life draw others to the Kingdom of God? Today let the light of His everlasting Kingdom shine bright from every area your life! Watch how others are drawn to it, let them see the Father, and give Him all the Glory! Live the Word. Be the Good News! Lights shine bright, Jess

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