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Failure Isn't An Option

Dear Friend,

Fail. Failed. Failure. These words don’t usually bring positive emotions or moments to your mind. Usually it’s associated with a moment when you tried but the outcome was least favorable. One meaning of the word is: Omission; non-performance; as the failure of a promise. I’m pretty sure you can think of an instance when someone failed you.

There’s nothing wrong with someone failing you when you’re hope and confidence is in Him. 1 Corinthians 13: 8 tells us that love never fails! That means that God never fails! That means that there is not an ounce of failure in Him. And since our lives are hidden in Him then you my never fail!!!

So release yourself from the label that you’re a failure or that your past mistakes define you. Because they don’t, they didn’t, they can’t, and never will! As a believer our lives are hidden in him and failure is not an option! Jesus overcame and was declared the victor at the cross! Walk in freedom from failure. You’re not your mistakes! You’re not a failure!

Winners only,


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