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Self Care is a Must!

Dear friend,

I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit. 3 John 2:1 NLT

GiG, many of us do everything we can to keep our bodies and our minds in good shape. For our bodies, we work out, watch our food intake, and take care of our skin, teeth, hair and nails. And for our minds, we read books, magazines, do puzzles, play memory games or even go as far as to pay for on line subscriptions to an interactive sight like Luminosity. On the outside, many of us appear to be in great shape. Ah, but what about our souls? What would it profit us to be completely fit on the outside and yet have neglected our souls? Living life with a sin-sick soul is not a healthy life no matter how you slice it up. It’s similar to having a beautiful, shiny piece of fruit. It looks so delicious but you bite into it or cut it open and in it is a fat juicy worm staring at you with an expression that reads, “I was here first!”

So if you’re like me and make it a point to prioritize “self-care” whatever that looks like for you. Maybe you walk, run, workout with weights, do Yoga, Zumba or play on a sports team; it makes no never-mind. But as we think of our overall health we cannot, we must not forget our souls.

First, have you made a commitment to love Jesus Christ? Is he your Redeemer, Lord and Master of your life? Second, are you reading and memorizing His Word? Third, are you spending time with Him in prayer and meditation? GiG, these things are necessary for a healthy soul.

Believe it or not, God wants us to prosper. But don’t get it twisted; we prosper in the things that matter most to Him. And He loves for us to be in good health, even as our souls prosper. Taking all this into consideration, I have no doubt that the health of our soul is even more important than our physical health.

May we be encouraged to really think on these things and spend some time giving our soul a workout. Let’s care less what people can see than what they can’t—our soul. OUCH or Amen!

D. Andrews

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