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THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

Dear Friend,

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 NLT

GiG, when the world seems to continually feed us lies through a variety of sources, it’s difficult to remember the truth. But no matter what has been said to us, I want to encourage us all to build our life on the truth of God’s Word. God wants to speak to us and fill us with encouragement so that we can be all He created us to be.

I’ve come to realize over the years that lies are great distractions. When I follow the storyline whether via television, cable news, talk radio or someone who just happened to “feel she (or he) has a word from God for me” about something or another I immediately now picture a caution tape over the lips and a do not disturb sign over my ears. I know quite dramatic, but that’s how serious I take this and so should you.

GiG, when encounter moments like this in life, I pray that the Lord points us on the path; He would have us follow and keep us from getting sucked in and becoming distracted often times by well-intentioned folks. That is my prayer for us all today.

May we be encouraged to build on truth. Distractions can move us away from the truth God wants us to encounter. By the way, check out Mark 1:37-38 to see how Jesus handled distractions. God built us for a special purpose—using our gifts is what we’re called to do. So when we step into a situation He didn’t design for us, we’re being disobedient. Let’s not allow the latest news post, gossip or whatever, get us off course.

Build on Truth!

D. Andrews

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