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Dear Friend,

Over my career I have probably sharpened hundreds, maybe even thousands of pencils. The other day though, I sharpened a student’s pencil as usual. As the motor of sharpener lulled with its hum and there’s was no sound of grinding. This denoted that it was a smooth pencil on the other end. When I pulled it out, it was sharpened alright. There was a smooth, pointed tip. But something was missing. There was no lead. It was hollow. The lead had broken off and all that remained was sharpened wood in the shape of a lead tip. It had me fooled. It APPEARED ready for use, but if used it would have torn a hole into someone’s paper.

I reflected on this moment. In Luke 10:38-42, Martha invites Jesus to their home. Martha jumped right in a began to ‘look’ the part of service, but missing out the purpose of the moment. She was so distracted on trying to make a point, that she missed what she really should’ve been doing. And that was sitting and listening at the feet of Jesus! She had a personal intimate session right in the privacy of her living room with the Son of God but so caught up in routine and worried about what others may think. She missed the moment. She was busy and looked good, but her service was pointless!

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit today to open our eyes so we are purposeful in all that we do! Let everything we embark on and become involved with be intentional and purpose driven. Open our ears to hear and let us be attentive. For we know the world wants us to just ‘look’ the part but God has called be a key part of His bigger picture! Let us recognize that everything we do from this moment forward is to make Kingdom impact for His Glory.

We shouldn’t be like pencils without a point, we should fit and ready for the Master’s use! (2 Timothy 2:21)

No more ‘point’less moments,


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