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Supernaturally Supplied...

Dear Friend,

I need to tell you about the long lasting bottle of laundry detergent I received once from a friend. It was at a time in my life, when my finances were funny, things weren't adding up in the natural but I was on fire for things of God and continued to keep my faith high and remain faithful (maybe that's now HA!). A friend of mine had an extra laundry detergent and asked me if I needed a bottle and I did. She brought me the bottle of detergent and it was perfect timing, because I was out. I wash twice a week around four (4) loads each, just depending on everything the boys have going on. This bottle was supposed to contain 40 loads. At 8 loads a week, and factor in an extra load or so the bottle if used correctly was supposed to last about five weeks or less. The bottle went on for six or seven weeks, my friend kept asking me, " Is that the same bottle of laundry detergent I gave you?" I kept saying,"Yes!". This went on for weeks. Every time I washed she would ask me the same thing and I would say yes. It didn't seem like it would ever run out. I didn't skimp on laundry detergent either. It just kept supplying.

As I was meditating on this she said, "Had I not seen this with my own eyes, I would not believe it but we just witnessed supernatural supply, there is NO way, that bottle should have lasted that long!" She was right it seemed as if the bottle was never going to get empty, and when it finally did, I had another bottle. I am able to believe anything at this point in my faith. As I reflected on this, I thought about what Jesus did the miracle with the 2 fish and five (5) loads of bread (see John 6:1-15), when the widow experienced the miracle of the oil (2 Kings 1:4-7) or when Elisha (1 Kings17) was fed by the Ravens. And I was encouraged to believe God, ALWAYS acts in supernatural supply, but perhaps the problem is we don't experience it more because we have been trying to supply ourselves. Friend, do like I did and go back and revisit and ask yourself, is the reason that I am not receiving supernatural supply, because I am trying to supply myself? We serve a supernatural God who is ready to supply all our needs supernaturally, without out all our help, all we have to do is pour from the cup, and help ourself. Our God is able to supply ALL our needs according to HIS riches in GLORY (see Philippians 4:19) and He doesn't need our help. God's supply looks different and is stress free, I am a witness to that myself. HALLELUJAH FOR THIS and HALLELUJAH FOR JESUS!

Supernaturally Blessed,


By the Way it's Harvest time, call in your Harvest, from the North, South, East and West all i kept hearing while writing this, it's harvest time...

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