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Dancing to the Wrong Beat...

Dear Friend,

Back in college, nothing said Friday night fun like going to a party. I really couldn’t dance, but nothing built my confidence more than my favorite song! As soon as the beat would drop, I would rush to the dance floor. And the rest was history!

I thought I had grown out of this, but for some odd reason I found myself doing the rush to the dance floor as an adult. But this time it was to a different song. This song was titled, “FRIDAY PAY DAY!!!” by My Current Employer. These words sounded like music to my ears! They would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It felt just like Christmas! I would be overwhelmed and powered by adrenaline to take on the whole world with one paycheck. Only to find out... the moment was short lived because there were expenses that were due. And all of a sudden reality hit that this wasn’t a holiday or a special was just pay day.

The truth of the matter was that for the longest time I’ve thought my trust was in God as my provider! I could call out His covenant name in prayer, “Oh, Jehovah Jireh! My Provider!” Yet I didn’t really know Him as provider of ALL my needs! If I did, I wouldn’t have praised my job and gave them adoration that was due to Him. What if something happened to the job? What if you had nothing that you physically see to guarantee how your needs where going to be met? What if there was no plan for retirement? What then?!?! Sometimes we can get so caught up in resources that God uses to provide for us, instead of recognizing that He is the SOURCE of it all! And at the end of the day they are nothing without Him!

Psalm 118:8 tells us, “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in people.” My friend we MUST trust in Him and His Word more than we trust in the world’s way of doing life! The quality of our lives is not predicated on a pay check, where we live, how we dress, or anything else besides what He has deposited on the inside of each one of us!

Today, take a look at where you have put your trust in people instead of Him. My trust was in my employer and not in the one who really oversees my job...God! Remember today that as His child we answer to a higher authority that will never fail us!

Dancing to the beat of His drum,


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