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I Thank God for My Intercessors

Dear Friend,

I have always known there are people that pray for me (my mom, my grandmother, my pastors etc., but it wasn't until I went into ministry full time did I understand the impact of my intercessors on my life. An intercessor is a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer. It's easy to think that we "all have intercessors", but intercessors that are gifted from God, pray strategy, wisdom and the Word (see Luke 22:32)

I am grateful for those that intercede for me, that hear from God for me. I have been in some tough situations, and have not said much of anything (often I do not), but I know that God is moving, because those who "He" called to intercede for me, will began to do so, and with vigor and strength (see Psalms 106:23). I know when it's happening because one by one, they began to reach out, they give me scripture, or sound word or ask me how should I pray, I am always hopeful, but these moments right there, end any dismay. The fall in line like soldiers on the battle field, armed and ready to shoot arrows of prayer at the enemy.

I am reminded in Isaiah 40:28-31, That whom ever has the patient to wait on the Lord, that He will renew, restore, mount up and give strength. I know that in my waiting, while my intercessors are praying, that is exactly what happens for me and I am grateful. I receive each heart felt honest prayer by faith.

I am reminded daily we were not called to do this leg of the journey alone, and I am grateful I don't that I have each one of them. I am reminded in Colossians 1:3, That I give thanks to God always, for all of you, making mention of you in my prayers always. I thank God for my intercessors. I thank God for you, as well.

Remember we are all divinely connected, pray for Godly connections and friendships, people who can pick you up in the "spirit" realm (see Ephesians 6:18), when there is nothing you can say. You need intercessors you need people who can pray, especially when you don't have the strength to pray.

Grateful, LMJ

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